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A New Paradigm – How to Get Ahead with Value-Based Contracts Through Optimizing RWE

Uncertainty in pharmaceutical markets has led to ongoing debates surrounding a range of healthcare topics. One such topic is the implementation of innovative contracts, shifting away from the traditional fixed costper- unit approach. Value-based contracts (VBC) is the result of a drive to manage costs whilst better aligning with the value of care, and allows the use of RWE to spread the risk between pharma and health insurers whilst making high cost therapies more accessible to patients. Despite VBC and RWE moving up the agenda of leaders and becoming more commonplace, there are unanswered questions and challenges that must be address.

This breakfast workshop, run by Omar Ali, QIPP Adviser Payer Network, will explore the different ways to set up VBC arrangements while addressing the risks and common challenges when using VBC and RWE and how to overcome them. Download the full event guide to learn more.

Omar Ali

Workshop Leader

Omar Ali
Pharmacist Consultant
QIPP Adviser Payer Network

Qualified with a hospital pharmacy background, Omar has been working as the Formulary Advisor for Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust for over 15 years, sitting on the regional Joint Drugs & Therapeutics Committee as well as the CCG/Commissioning Prescribing Clinical Network. Omar has been a visiting Lecturer at UCLH Pharmacy Programme and was both Lecturer & Examiner on the Independent Prescribing V300 Course at the University of Surrey and has over 30 publications to date. He has been appointed as Visiting Lecturer on Value Based Pricing & Innovative Contracting at the University of Portsmouth, was an Editorial Content Adviser to Guidelines, and has recently been invited to the position of Associate Editor to the Canadian Journal of Population Therapeutics & Clinical Pharmacology.