About Event

Welcome to the 8th IMPACCT: RWE Summit 2020

Real world evidence is at the root of an ongoing and critical transformation in medical care. By incorporating data from the real world into their development programs, drug developers are now able to drive more patient-facing outcomes, by supporting it with effective evidence-based decision-making across the product life cycle.

At a point of increasing maturity, regulatory acceptance, and growing innovation, these are exciting times for all stakeholders actively involved in the efforts to advance the effective utilization and generation of real world evidence.

Leading experts in the space will be tackling common industry challenges and sharing the latest case-studies around the use of RWE in:

  • Patient identification
  • Defining clinical trial protocols
  • Supporting early development
  • Historic control arms
  • Identifying gaps in patient care
  • Outcomes research
  • Post-launch safety studies
  • Pre and post launch elements
  • Defining medical affairs strategy
  • Emerging markets
  • Value generation across the product life cycle
  • Regulatory decision-making and landscape
  • Patient access

The stage is set for a collaborative discussion platform bringing together stakeholders from functions across clinical development, HEOR, regulatory and medical affairs, epidemiology and RWE, to overcome key challenges to define and implement a meaningful evidence generation plan that can effectively enhance clinical R&D, support regulatory submission and decision-making, and ultimately drive commercial success.